Lower Level Utilities and Pavement Replacement

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​​​​The Terminal Area Fire Main Replacement/Lower-Level Utility and Pavement Replacement (LLUPR) project is a critical infrastructure project for airport operations at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The roadway supports arriving passengers as they transfer to taxis, commercial vehicles, and privately owned vehicles with dedicated lanes to each of the specific transportation types. The maintenance of this function at each terminal is critical. This project consists of installation of a new 12-inch diameter terminal water main and additional fire hydrants. Additionally, the reconstruction of sidewalks includes Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant crosswalks and handrails.​​​

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Construction began in October 2020 and arrivals lanes fully reopened to traffic in August 2022. Final ADA compliance work was completed in March 2023. Due to the unique location and operational constraints of the project site, the project was constructed in phases with coordination from all airport stakeholders to ensure the maintenance of all pedestrian connections between the terminal facilities, the main parking garage, and transportation infrastructure to and from the city. ​​