Chicago Department of Aviation

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​Integrity Monitor:

From time to time, situations arise that require the services of an “Integrity Monitor” (IM) to help ensure that the City’s business activities are conducted with the highest ethical standards, and are free from unethical, improper, or illegal conduct. An IM is an entity or group of entities (or individuals) with legal, auditing, investigative, loss prevention, and/or other technical skills, which provides oversight for specified vendors, projects, or matters. The CDA will engage an Integrity Monitoring firm to oversee the TAP Construction Managers at Risk.

Projecting advertisement of RFQ 2Q2019, with award 4Q2019.

CM at Risk:
The TAP program encompasses a range of improvements including construction of the new OGT, redevelopment of T5, 2 new satellite concourses, a new underground tunnel system, 3 new baggage handling systems, and all the associated work to support this construction such as utility improvements and taxiway/apron work. Utilizing a CMR delivery method will allow the contractors to provide critical input during design, maintain schedule by procuring early bid packages such as foundation work, and coordinate construction around airport operations.

Contracts are currently under negotiation with shortlisted firms. Projecting award 2Q2019.

South Area Detention Consolidation:
Currently sitting at the center of the airport is a detention basin that collects over 90 million gallons of stormwater. To enable the construction of the O’Hare 21 program, this stormwater must now be conveyed over 6500 feet to the south detention basin through an underground pipe that must be built under active runways. A single entity of a design-build team will be engaged to achieve this complex engineering and construction project.

An RFQ was released in January, with proposals due in March. Projecting award 3Q2019.

Lead Engineer:
Connecting the OGT to the Satellite concourses will be a new underground tunnel system, which will convey passengers, baggage, and utilities. A Lead Engineer will be engaged to design this advanced tunnel system, as well as the airside and landside improvements associated with the TAP program.

An RFQ was released in January, with proposals due in March. Projecting award 4Q2019.

Lead Architect:
The OGT and Satellites will be the new gateways to Chicago. The City will engage Lead Architects to create iconic designs to optimize passenger experience. A design competition was held between 5 internationally recognized firms, shortlisted through an RFQ process. Public input was key in the evaluation of these firms, with on online voting system and public displays of models providing input in the process.

Projecting award 4Q2019.

T5 Parking Garage
The TAP program includes redevelopment of T5 which will house more domestic airlines, creating a need to replace the hourly parking with daily parking. To support this redevelopment a new 2,600 space parking garage will be designed to replace the existing 960 spot surface lot.

A Task Order Service Request for design services was released last fall. Proposals are under review. Projecting award 2Q2019.

Construction Manager as Agent:
To support execution of the Capital Improvement Projects in O’Hare 21, several construction management firms will be engaged to oversee construction and ensure the City’s schedule, budget, and quality objectives are met. Contracts will be awarded to Target Market and non-Target Market firms.

An RFQ will be release 2Q2019, with award 4Q2019.